Father Locks 20-Month-Old Daughter in Cage, Treads on Her Face, Sends Photos of Abuse to Estranged Wife

An abusive father who sent horrifying ‘revenge’ pictures to his ex-wife showing the couple’s baby locked in a metal dog cage and him stomping on the her face may go unpunished, the child’s mother has said.  

Xu Ting claims she has reported past domestic abuse to the police, but they have apparently put it all down to ‘stress’. 

Xu Ting said: ‘They said men are stressed and women need to be considerate. The police are men too, and they help other men.’

Xu Ting said her ex-husband, who locked their 20-month-old old crying daughter inside a dog’s crate (pictured), may not be punished as police have previously put his abuse down to ‘stress’

She added: ‘He would often abuse me, and each time I called the police they would give him nothing but “criticism and education”,’ which is police parlance referring to verbal warnings instead of physical internment.

The image of the 20-month old toddler inside the dog crate as well as another showing her face under her dad’s foot have gone viral on social media, having been shared more than 38,000 times and gained some 15,600 comments.

They were shared by Xu Ting whose daughter has lived with her ex, Xu Qian, since their divorce last year.

The pictures were taken in Xu Qian’s home in Caitang Town in Chao’an District, which is in the city of Chaozhou in South China’s Guangdong Province.

The horrifying gallery of abuse photos and videos sent by Xu Qian to his daughter’s mother Xu Ting, who shared them on social media where they have since gone viral

Authorities in Chao’an began investigating after images sent to Xu Ting also included close-up images of bruised and cut skin.

Chao’an police said the father admitted to sending the photos to his ex-wife in order to spite her, though the reasoning behind his actions is not entirely clear.

They say they are still looking into the case and did not reveal whether it was possible for him to lose his parental rights for locking his child in a cage and stamping on her face.

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Abusive father could evade punishment for locking 20-month old daughter in a cage


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