An Overview of the Things to Avoid in Dating

Most of the times, people complain that they have gone out with so many dates but nothing works for them but they do not realize that there are some things and gestures which can make your date a failure, no matter how compatible you are. Most of these things are mistakes which we commit without even realizing that this can lead to a failure of this whole date. In rest of this chapter, you will come to know all about such mistakes.

  • Do Not Be Desperate

It often happens that when you come back from your first date then you start calling or texting or emailing that particular person. This gestures sends a very wrong impression and most of the times, the other person gets the impression of desperation. You should never do that and be stable and more proper in your approach. When you have started seeing someone then, give that person some time to settle down. Do not email text or phone more than once a day unless he or she answers. This is the right approach which will save you from many failures.

  • Never repeat a bad experience

Some people have this habit of getting attached with certain people and although those people hurt their feelings and emotions in many ways once but they again want to repatch with them. This can never lead you to a
healthy relationship because you need to be away from such people who can make you feel bad about yourself. You should always find people who give respect to your thoughts and who accept your personality as it is. You will meet some people with too many demands and they always want to change the other person but such people are never trustworthy and they can leave you in middle of the way at any time. Avoid meeting such people and even if someone wants to change you then, seek if the change is positive or negative but if he or she just wants to dictate their terms then, you should always avoid them.

  • Do Not Be Late Without Informing the Other Person

Being late is considered just a rude behavior which you should never commit and if you are late due to some reason then, text the person or call the other person before time so that he or she can also adjust the schedule. If you are late without a reasonable excuse then, the other person will take it just as rudeness and nothing else.

  • Do Not Lie To Your Date

Lie is the worst thing which you can do in your date and it can destroy the whole purpose of dating. Lying in very start is just like not trusting the other person and most of the times it happens that you hide some truth and she comes to know that truth from some other source and it can make her believe that you have been lying to her the whole time.
Avoid lying and always tell the truth no matter how bitter and how cold the truth is. If she is really interested in you then, she will definitely look into that truth and will believe you.

  • Do Not Be Over Interested

This is another type desperation that people can show because they become too available and they start giving first priority to their date. This is not the way to go because it can decrease your value. You should show some attitude and make her believe that you have your own life as well which needs time and you cannot be available 24/7 a day.

  • Do Not Open Up Too Early

Some people have this habit of trusting their date too easily and they start revealing their secrets in the second date or even in first. This is not the right behavior because it can lead you to rejection. You need to be calm and humble in your approach and talk about more general things in first few dates and then according to the interest of other person, you can open up as well. If she is sharing something then, you should share some more but if she is just going with usual talks then, you do not need to get too involved.

  • Do Not Distract Your Attention

When you are on date the, try and concentrate only on your own date and avoid looking around too much. This is very common mistake which most
of the men make. You can always think that your date is not watching you when you are staring at corner cutie but this is not the case. In most of such cases, you will see your date walking out from the door after watching your attitude. You need to make her believe that your whole attention is around her and you are talking, thinking and listening to only her. This impression is very solid and it works most of the times.

  • Do Not Get Drunk And Take Care Of Your Personal Security

This is another mistake which most of the men make that they get drunk in their first date but this is not the way, you should be in limits and show some manners towards your date. Another thing is to take care of your personal security.

If you are on a date without any reference and just from phone or internet then, you must be very careful because these days this is a common way of doing robberies. You should always inform some of your friends that you are going on date and keep your phone charged and on all the time.

You should try and make your first date in public places and well lit places. Avoid going in the dark and lonely places for your first date. This is necessary to keep your security intact.

  • Do Not Get Too Personal On First Date

It is often seen that people give away their home phone number, address and other similar things in first date. This is not a very good idea because you merely know the other person and she can use your information in any way she wants. Another thing is having sex on your first date and this is another very bad idea.

If you are really interested in someone then, having sex on your first date will ruin everything and may be that will be your first and last date. So keep your patience and wait a little for the right moment to come. Sex never sends a romantic impression instead she will think that you are just interested in physical relation more than a serious relation.

  • Never Date Married Or Committed People

If you are single then, you should avoid dating married or committed people. It is very unlikely that they will leave their ex for you. It can also involve lot more complications as if her husband came to know that you are dating with his wife then, he can create some deep problems for you. Secondly, if you are single then, you do not need to be a shoulder to cry on and you always deserve better. Go out and explore your possibilities and find best for yourself.

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