4 Ways to Improve Your Flirting Skills

One of the most difficult issues within relationships is learning to flirt. If you have no idea how to flirt or throw out any signals, you might feel doomed when it comes to the task. It’s not that you don’t know how. It’s only thinking about the risk of being rejected which is why many people don’t try to flirt.

If you have met someone recently and have known them for a few months, you may be putting yourself at risk if you do not flirt. Why is this? Because what you are doing is setting yourself up in the friend zone. Once you are in the friend zone, he/she will just see you as a good buddy and they won’t ever try to escalate the relationship, since they haven’t seen you do anything either.

There are many ways to give faint signs that show you care about them and want to develop a relationship. You don’t even have to have an awkward conversation or announcement for this either. Subtle hints that are displayed in a daily or weekly fashion are all you need. Here are a few ways to flirt with someone:

  • Give them a silly nickname

For example, if you love the perfume your girlfriend wears – tell her in a joking matter that her new name is JLO, since that is the brand she wears. Next time you see her, wave and yell JLO! She will laugh at the thought.

  • Hand out compliments

Never be too overbearing though when it comes to compliments. If you notice your guy is wearing his favorite dragon belt that makes those jeans look tight around his butt – tell him! Say to him that he looks sexy in the belt while imitating a cat call.

Of course, don’t do this to him at work or in front of a bunch of people. And don’t think about what he say’s after you’ve said this. We aren’t trying to read how he feels about you just yet. You are just playing the flirting game here.

  • Lightly tease

Teasing is a great way of letting someone you like them however this can be a bit dangerous if you do it too much. You don’t want them to think of you like a brother/sister who always teases them so keep it light. If you see your crush wearing something ridiculous or doing something incredibly funny, tease them a bit. For example, ask them why they are doing the “potty” dance when showing off their moves to you.

  • Keep in touch

The meaning keep in touch is different from the phrase. As much as possible, try to touch hands with the person you are seeing. If they tell you something sad – lightly put your hand over their hand.

Let them know that you’ll always be there to talk or you can give a gentle shoulder rub to show you care. Don’t make the touch sexual either. You don’t want to give off any bad messages or make the person flee. People are very intuitive when it comes to touch. They know what is and isn’t okay.

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