3 Tips on how to develop your own personal style

  • Showing you care

People show they care about another person in many ways. This can be through talking to them in order to form a sort of release through discussion. Another way could be buying a small gift for that person if they are in distress. If your girlfriend just lost a child due to a miscarriage at 5 weeks, you can always give her a big hug instead of talking about it.

  • Laugh however you want

You might think your laugh is embarrassing or even annoying but instead of avoiding it – embrace it. There are times when people begin to smile because of how ridiculous it is to hear another person laugh.

Some people snort when laughing, and other people giggle devilishly in a high pitched voice. Hearing something as small as a laugh can cheer someone up so this is important. Remember it is the small things that count when developing your personal style.

  • Dress the way you like

Don’t let others dress you or try to change you. Keeping your own personal style builds a strong identity and allows others to recognize you, based on what you are wearing. You might be the flower girl who loves to wear floral print dresses with a bunch of crazy and bright accessories.

On the other hand, if you are a guy – you seek that “bad boy” image, going with leather jackets and you’re always half shaved. Having a shadow can definitely pick up a few women but it really depends on what the girl likes.

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